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Mexican Street Decoration

Rural Mexico Road Trip


There was a couple who were looking to visit her relatives in a place call Casas Grandes in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. Although the state is even more dangerous today due to cartel influence, it was still an unstable place at that time; not fully under the control of the central government in Mexico City.



We made sure the vehicle that we drove was a down market and used one, so as not to stand out. We also made sure that we had sufficient fuel, so as not to have to stop until we reached our destination. Finally, we made sure to wear clothing that would not brand us as tourists. While at the destination, we made sure to keep a low profile on the street, and when possible, be surrounded by the  relatives. On the return trip, we again made sure that there was sufficient fuel to return to the U.S. without stopping. 


The trip is was uneventful apart from being stopped by an army roadblock south of the town where we had crossed the border, which is the definition of success for this type of activity.

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